They have been labeled monsters. Killing machines. Maneaters.
The deadliest predator of the sea.
We have sought to exterminate themfor our own safety, of course.
Hunted and slaughtered them for sport.
Their fins have been cut up for soup and their jaws hung on our walls.
Our mass killings have taken a huge bite out of their populations; our fear has driven them to the brink of extinction.
Until now, the deadliest predator of the sea, in truth, has been man.
Until now.
Now, there is too much blood in the water.
Now, the sharks bite back.

Originally conceived as a stand alone tale of horror, the FRENZY concept has expanded into a new shark-centric line of comics and illustrated novels from BLAM! Ventures!

While each FRENZY story tells a different tale of man and his deadly encounters with the denizens of the deep, the stars of the series are the sharks themselves.

It’s time they reclaimed the sea for their own.
For centuries, we have butchered them.
In FRENZY, the sharks get even.


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