An action comedy that sees a young man embark on an epic journey to reunite his NOT girlfriend with her phone charger.


Written and Created by: Andrew E.C. Gaska
Art by:  Gullermo Mogorron and Miki
Published by: Titan Comics
Format: A Six Issue Comic Miniseries/ Graphic Novel
Release Date: TBA

Terry Welsher is a loser.

He has just graduated from high school with no direction in life, other than restoring his grandfather’s 1969 Charger. Making the decision to stop being a mouse and to start living life a little bit, Terry finally gets the guts up to ask out his best friend Gisellewhom he has secretly been in love with since childhoodonly to find out she is moving immediately to South America! Dejected, he covers up his windows and sinks back into the refuge of his bedroom; until days later when he receives a phone call: Giselle left her phone charger plugged into the bedroom wall in her old housecan he go get it and mail it to her?

Taking matters into his own hands (after receiving advice from the most unlikely of sourcesa drug lord named ‘Phatty Snaxxx’), Terry decides to bring it to her in person. He gets much more than he bargained for, as he is swept up in an adventure of epic proportionsforcing him to endure a plane crash in the Antarctic, penguin suicides, turbulent seas, seals, whalers, whales, crabs, jungles, headhunters, drug dealers, guerrilla revolutionaries, and monster fish, all to profess his love to a girl who doesn’t think twice about himand to return her phone charger.

A black comedic journey of finding yourself and re-evaluating your life goals, Charger takes Terry deep into an adventure he could only dream about, and finds him wishing he’d ‘stood in bed.’