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Founded by CEO and Creative Director Andrew E. C. Gaska, BLAM! Ventures is a full service guerrilla design studio that produces integrated campaigns and high quality multimedia entertainment.

In creating BLAM! Ventures, Gaska sought to bring a cinematic scope to sequential storytelling, be it in comics, animation, or more, with the intention of reaching a broader and more diverse audience than ever before. While holding fast to the ideal of the old aesthetics, BLAM! Ventures pushes onward to a thrilling new dynamic in sequential art; giving the creator the freedom to explore their utmost boundaries and providing the reader/viewer with something to eagerly anticipate. With a meticulous attention to detail, the team at BLAM! Ventures believes that all things should serve the story, from art to dialogue, coloring to lettering, voice overs to sound effects, and everything else between the gutters.

In addition to its in-house productions, BLAM! develops both original and licensed properties for its clients, creating full packages ready to be taken to a publisher. Specializing in illustrated prose and comic and sequential art storytelling, along with digital downloadable services, BLAM! Ventures offers up both an eclectic lineup of talent and an exciting array of possibilities.

BLAM! Ventures titles have been released through Eisner award-winning publishers Archaia Entertainment and BOOM! Studios, soon to be joined by Titan Comics and Magnetic Press.

In association with our publishing partners, BLAM! Ventures’ books include the graphic novels Critical Millennium: The Dark Frontier, Madness and Charger. Our ever growing library of Retrograde imprint titles include the illustrated novel Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes® and the graphic novels Space:1999® Aftershock and Awe and Classic Space:1999®: To Everything That Was. 

BLAM! Imprints

With its licensed properties, BLAM! has upped the ante on quality releases, generating content that does more than give lip service to a series, but instead enhances and builds upon the existing property without violating premise, character, or established continuity within the series’ universe.

BLAM! Ventures’ Retrograde imprint revives classic science fiction/fantasy movies and television shows of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s with a fresh approach and a reverent hand, touching the audiences of today’s generation, while reacquainting previous fans with old friends.

Retrograde Books:


From the back alleys of imagination, to the first class luxury penthouses of your dreams, BLAM! Noir’s new line of retro inspired pulp comic magazines and dime prose novels will take you across the universe and back in luscious black and white. Inspired by the pulps of the ‘40s, and the black and white comics magazines of the ‘70s, we’ve packed all the fury, fear, and visions of the future into every BLAM! Noir title.

BLAM! NOIR Pulp Comics and Dime Novellas:

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