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Written by: Andrew E.C.Gaska, Greg Cox, Kevin J. Anderson, Nancy Collins,  Jonathan Maberry, and more
Edited by: Jim Beard and Rich Handley
Published by: Titan Books
Format: Softcover Prose Anthology Novel

ISBN: 9781785652684
Dimensions: 5 1/8” x 8”
Paperback: 432pp

Release Date: January 2017

The 1968 film Planet of the Apes was a seminal work of science fiction that inspired generations of filmmakers and authors. Now a who’s who of modern writers–including Kevin J. Anderson, Nancy Collins, Jonathan Maberry, and John Jackson Miller–produces sixteen brand-new, exclusive stories set in the world of the original Planet of the Apes films and television series. Each writer will explore a different drama within the post-apocalyptic world, treating readers to their unique visions and non-stop adventure.

Andrew E.C.Gaska, Greg Cox, Dan Abnett, Nancy Collins, Will Murray, Bob Mayer, John Jackson Miller, Paul Kupperberg, Kevin J. Anderson, Sam Knight,  Jim Beard, Robert Greenberger, Greg Keyes, Ty Templeton, Dayton Ward, Rich Handley, Jonathan Maberry

“The Unknown Ape” by Andrew E.C. Gaska is a slick, smart time travel story that has a terrific ending.``
Patrick Hayes, www.scifipulse.net
``Andrew E.C. Gaska, author of Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes (sequels of which I am awaiting), shows once again that he knows POTA lore and welds the different aspects of the franchise in a way that works. I REALLY want to read about the events that lead up to this story, which was a very emotional read for me. Indeed, ``The Unknown Ape`` goes out with such a bang that I feel that it should have been the final story in this anthology.``
Steven Shinder, Amazon review