BLAM! Team

BLAM! Ventures utilizes a rotating array of talented freelancers that are handpicked by Creative Director Andrew E.C. Gaska specifically for the project at hand.

Contact Drew below for specific style samples and requests.

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Andrew E. C. Gaska

Creative Director/ Author / Franchise Consultant

With over two decades of experience in the comics and video game industries, author Andrew E.C. Gaska is the founder/creative director of the guerrilla integrated-media studio BLAM! Ventures. He is a freelance franchise consultant to Twentieth Century Fox, writing series reference bibles, maintaining continuity, streamlining in-universe canon, and creating detailed timelines for the legacy franchises of ALIEN®, Predator®, and Planet of the Apes®. He is also a script, pitch, and proposal writer for Lion Forge Labs and for seventeen years served as a visual consultant to Rockstar Games on the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Revolver, and all other releases.

His graphic novels and prose works include Critical Millennium™: The Dark Frontier, Space: 1999™—Aftershock and Awe and To Everything that Was, HAWKEN™: Melee, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century®: The Draconian Fire SagaConspiracy of the Planet of the Apes®, Tales from the Forbidden Zone: The Unknown Ape™, and the upcoming novel, Destroyer of the Planet of the Apes®.

Known as ‘Drew’ to his friends, his blog at showcases political and entertainment essays and observations that draw controversial debate and discussion from all sides.  Drew also offers one-on-one creative coaching sessions, sharing his knowledge and style of writing as well as the wisdom of the comics luminaries who mentored him with a new generation of writers and creators.